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Never really noticed till now.

It amazes me how people honestly watch Boondocks and don’t get that it is a satirical cartoon. Like its meant to make you think. Not just laughs that it produces from the truth.

Francis Giacobetti, 1970

My friends be trying to tell me to be heartless and just don’t put feelings into it but I am an emotion driven person. I’m not the kind of girl that can just waist my time with someone I do not like. I like kissing someone and getting butterflies, intense butterflies. I like opening door and my smile being ear to ear. I like being able to acknowledge my feelings. In my opinion there is no point in even spending time with a person that is not even worth your deepest secrets. Yes, my feelings may get hurt this way but its not like I’m just giving all this emotion to any random guy its someone that I feel like is giving me the same. Honestly in my whole life (thus far hehehe) I have only really and seriously liked 3 guys: one in 5th grade (lol it was so real though), One in Highschool (that on again and off again type HATED IT!), and now I think this guy in college has a good chance at being the bae if he doesn’t take me granted because I will pull a disappearing act. I just like exploring my emotions.


Beauty by Gerhard van Vuuren

 Diego Rivera kissing Frida Kahlo during the work. Scaffolding at Detroit Institute of The Arts, 1932.


The Warm Up. Dollar and a Dream. See you in the summer. - Cole

This shit right here!

shiiiiiiiit im down